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Our Website is designed to provide information and treatment options for parents and physicians of children suffering from Osgood Schlatters disease, a common cause of knee pain for a adolescent athlete. At any one time, 10 –15% of children in the UK are in the age bracket susceptible to Osgood Schlatters disease.

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What is Osgood Schlatters

Traditionally in the UK, the only offered treatment for Osgood Schlatter is RICE or Rest Ice Compression Elevation and unfortunately, in many cases, this has proved inadequate. Telling children who love their sport and are achieving at high levels that they have to stop playing for anything from a few weeks to a year in the... Read More

About Severs Disease

Severs Disease is more specific to he heel area was similarly named after Dr J.W. Sever in 1912. Severs disease occurs at the back of the heel bone, (calcaneus). Severs disease is directly related to overuse of the bone and tendons in the heel. This can come from playing sports or anything that involves lots of heel movements... Read More

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